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Devices Interface Overview

The Devices interface may be accessed by selecting the Devices tab at the top-left corner of the screen:

Kscan3d devicestab.png

The interface consists of a toolbar, a Details panel, a Settings panel, and a status bar.



The Toolbar consists of the Reconnect Scanners button:


If your sensor has become disconnected from your computer and/or the electrical outlet, or if KScan3D no longer recognizes the sensor for any reason, ensure that all cables are connected and press the Reconnect button, then select the Projects tab and be sure that the camera viewports are displaying a live feed. If not, you may need to close KScan3D and relaunch the software in order for KScan3D to recognize the sensor again.


The Details panel displays the name, model, type, internal ID, and status of the connected sensors.


The Settings panel displays editable device parameters such as filtering, sampling, smoothing, and range values.

Status Bar

The Status Bar consists of a row of fields and buttons at the bottom of the screen:

Kscan3d users guide status bar.png

This field displays the name of the current project.
Number of Scans
This field displays the number of scans in the current project.
This button displays the current status of KScan3D. Select the status message to display a list of previous status messages.
Show Script Editor
This button launches the Script Editor. For more information, see Automation and Script Commands.
System Check
This field indicates the status of the scanner system.

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