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Selecting the Finalize button will finalize a combined mesh. You must finalize a combined mesh before you can export it.

The Finalize process features three options that enable you to select and adjust mesh density, hole filling, and decimation parameters.


Finalizing a Mesh

You can select one or more combined meshes to finalize at the same time.

To finalize a mesh(es):

  1. In the Thumbnail panel, load and select the combined mesh(es) you wish to finalize.
  2. Select the Finalize button in the Toolbar.
    Kscan3d users guide button finalize.png
  3. The Finalize pop-up menu will appear.
    Kscan3d users guide finalize.png
  4. Adjust the Mesh Density, Hole Filling, and Decimation sliders, if desired.
  5. Select OK to finalize the combined mesh(es).

Mesh Density

Adjust the Mesh Density slider to specify the vertex density of the finalized mesh. Higher resolutions give better results, but the process will take much longer and the finalized mesh(es) may contain many more vertices than necessary.

Hole Filling

Adjust the Hole Filling slider to fill any holes in the scan data with extrapolated geometry. Note: if you want the finalized mesh to represent the original scan data as accurately as possible, including all holes, set the slider to the lowest setting.


To decimate the finalized mesh(es), select the Decimate checkbox, then adjust the slider to select a vertex decimation percentage.

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